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About Us

Ten years ago, Stanisław Kolbusz and Sławomir Gacka together with their families and friends decided to bring to life the following motto: “Healthy Earth and its inhabitants.” They started their long journey leading to widespread use of probiotechnology[1] which eliminates causes of degradation of Earth’s resources. In their activity of linking business with the idea of biologization of agriculture, they established the company ProBiotics Polska offering probiotechnology that is beneficial in numerous aspects of human life.

Probiotechnology makes use of a group of natural products manufactured with specially selected compositions of beneficial microorganisms. These products are referred to as “ProBio Emy™.” Beneficial microorganisms used in ProBio Emy™ cooperate among each other and can initiate processes that support the health of people, animals, plants and soil. Broad use of ProBio Emy™ can significantly restore the Earth’s natural resources. ProBio Emy™ products act as a probiotic equalizer of biological processes and support biodiversity in the environment of human life. The use of those products does not require withdrawal periods or prevention measures. ProBio Emy™ products have probiotic and antioxidant properties and can displace pathogenic microflora.

Solutions offered by ProBiotics Polska are widely used in households, on farms, in municipal management, wastewater treatment, landfills and composting sites. Dietary supplements offered by ProBiotics Polska Sp. z o.o. improve human health and well-being. Additionally, ProBiotics Polska Sp. z o.o. offers a growing range of natural cosmetics.

ProBiotics Polska Sp. z o.o. is a Founding Member of the Polish Chamber of Natural Products and Technologies and a participant of a technological cluster called ProBio Cluster. ProBiotics Polska receives support from the Institute of Microbial Technologies in Turek which is charged with strict quality control and maintaining high standards of each of our products.

ProBiotics Polska Sp. z o.o. is an exclusive distributor in Poland of products based on probiotechnology developed by the U.S. company SCD Probiotics, LLC, which is a life sciences company researching, developing and manufacturing natural, probiotic products.

[1] Probiotechnology: [Greek: pro bios “for life” + techne “art,” “skill”) – the way of manufacturing and applying non-genetically modified  compositions of beneficial microorganisms and their metabolites which are part of a fermented mixture of natural ingredients. Polish-English Dictionary of Environmental Science [Leksykon przyrodniczy polsko-angielski], Wrocław 2014.