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BOKASHI ProBiotics™

BOKASHI ProBiotics™

Bokashi ProBiotics™
Organic matter fermented with the participation of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.   
Certificate: PZH/HT-3378/2017

Price: 29 zł / 2 kg

BOKASHI ProBiotics™ is:

  • a starter for composting kitchen waste, plant residues from the garden (grass clippings, weeds) and other biological waste from the household,
  • an activator of the fermentation process, regeneration and revitalization of the environment.

Benefits of using Bokashi ProBiotics™:

  • improved biological, physical and chemical conditions in the soil and elimination of soil pathogens,
  • enhanced plant propagation and strength of plant growth,
  • elimination of putrefaction in favor of fermentation,
  • elimination of noxious odors in composting piles, outdoor toilets, fermented manure and pets’ beds.

Wheat bran, rice bran, purified and structured, unchlorinated water, organic sugar cane molasses, rock salt, SCD probiotic microbial cultures.

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