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EmFarma Plus™

EmFarma Plus™

Soil and plant conditioning, accelerating decomposition of organic matter, neutralizing odors.
Certificate: PZH/HT-3112/2016

Price: 19 zł / 1 L

EmFarma Plus™ is a composition of microorganisms enriched with phototrophic bacteria, as a result of which it is even more effective than EmFarma™ in accelerating the decomposition of organic matter and increasing the availability of minerals, especially nitrogen. The beneficial microbes that EmFarma Plus™ contains support each other and together outcompete pathogenic microflora, thus changing the direction of the microbiological process into a regenerative or revitalizing one in the place where EmFarma Plus™ is applied.


  • EmFarma Plus™ conditions soil and plants,
  • EmFarma Plus™ promotes formation of crumbly soil structure and proper air-water relations in the soil,
  • EmFarma Plus™ accelerates decomposition of organic matter and improves the composting process,
  • EmFarma Plus™ intensifies microbiological processes in the soil and facilitates the recirculation of ingredients that are not readily available,
  • EmFarma Plus™ optimizes the use of water,
  • EmFarma Plus™ activates the fermentation of slurry, manure and effluents,
  • EmFarma Plus™ neutralizes odors.

EmFarma Plus™ was awarded Gold Medal at the International Fair Of Agricultural Techniques AGROTECH Kielce (2014)


Mother Cultures of SCD ProBio Plus® live microorganisms, organic sugar cane molasses, purified and structured, unchlorinated water, salt, mineral complex.


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