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BioKlean soft®

BioKlean soft®

BioKlean soft® is a concentrate used for cleaning, disinfecting, refreshing and hygienizing
Certificate: PZH/HT-3221/2016

Price: 32 zł / 1 L
EFFECTS OF USING BioKlean soft®:
- BioKlean soft® removes dirt,  
- BioKlean soft® refreshes air,
- BioKlean soft® minimizes unpleasant organic odors,
- BioKlean soft® reduces the incidence of mold,
- BioKlean soft® biologizes and disinfects areas and equipment,
- BioKlean soft® hygienizes and clarifies water in small pools and ponds.

BioKlean soft® is a completely natural product that contains beneficial microflora and the highest quality organic aromas. When sprayed, BioKlean soft® neutralizes odors, disinfects and biologizes premises and equipment.

BioKlean soft® is completely safe for people, animals and plants. It does not require using protective gloves. It biodegrades easily.
BioKlean soft® may be applied directly, but it is even more effective when used in dilution with unchlorinated water. 
In closed rooms, use a 10% solution of BioKlean Soft™ (1 part BioKlean Soft™ with 9 parts of water) to perform misting using a hand sprayer. Fill the room with a fine mist to coat all surfaces: carpets, bedding, curtains and upholstery. After misting, wipe the wooden, stone and plastic surfaces with a soft cloth.

First, spray the floor with a 10% solution of BioKlean Soft™ and after waiting a few minutes, wash the floor with a 2% solution of BioKlean Soft™ (e.g. 100 ml BioKlean Soft™ in 5 liters of warm water).

Toilets, kitchens
Spray with a 10% solution of BioKlean Soft™ and clean the surface after a few minutes. On more difficult stains, use concentrated BioKlean Soft™, leave it on for the night, and on the next day clean and rinse it.

Glass, mirrors
Moisten the surface with a 50% solution of BioKlean Soft™ and then clean it with a cloth.

When added to fabric softener (1% solution, i.e. 1:100), BioKlean Soft™ gives the fabric a pleasant feel and reduces the residues of chemical detergents.

To wash your car, use a 5% solution (1:20) of BioKlean Soft™ and then rinse it. Afterwards, spray with a 1% solution (1:100) of BioKlean Soft™ and leave it to dryBioKlean Soft™ has anti-corrosive properties and slows down the aging / oxidation of materials such as plastics, leather and wood.
Pools and ponds 
Apply 1 lietr of BioKlean Soft™ per 1 m3 several times per season.

Spaces where pets are kept
In order to minimize unpleasant odors associated with pets, it is recommended to spray the areas intended for them (dog beds, terraria, cages and pens) with a 10% solution of BioKlean Soft™.

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