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BROWN Bar Soap

BROWN Bar Soap

BROWN Bar Soap with peloid mud and rosted grains - for combination skin.
BROWN Bar Soap is designed for the care of skin prone to pimples, seborrhea and blemishes.

Price: 32 zł
 The natural ingredients of BROWN Bar Soap nourish the skin and improve its condition and tone.
BROWN Bar Soap contains:
  • Roasted grains, which have a high content of easily absorbed macro- and micronutrients,
  • Peloid mud extracted from peat, which has a high content of organic acids and has a revitalizing effect on the skin,
  • Molasses, which has a soothing and nourishing effect on the skin and improves skin tone,
  • Fermented herbs (peppermint, chamomile, broad-leaved thyme) containing valuable biological substances: essential oils, amino acids and vitamins,
  • Potato flour (potato starch), which is gentle to the skin, does not cause irritation and relieves itching in atopic skin and eczema. Does not clog pores.


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