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Pro-Biotyk for Pigeons®

Pro-Biotyk for Pigeons®

Complementary Feed
Veterinary Identification No.: PL 0214826p

Price: from 22 zł / 200 ml

Pro-Biotyk for Pigeons® is a Complementary Feed prepared on the basis of live probiotic Mother Culture (SCD ProBio Food®) administered to birds together with drinking water or feed.

Pro-Biotyk for Pigeons®

  • greatly improves the digestibility of feed, 
  • improves overall immunity and condition of pigeons and ornamental birds,
  • reduces activity of pathogenic microflora.

Pro-Biotyk for Pigeons® applied externally reduces fungal infections and parasite access.

Pigeons: with drinking water 2 ml/1 liter of water,
with the feed: 2 ml/1 kg twice a week,
in the bath: 4 ml/1 liter of water.
Ornamental birds: 2 ml/1 liter of water at least 3 times a week.
Hygienization of the premises: chicken coops, dovecotes, aviaries, etc.
- spray with a 10% solution of Pro-Biotyk for Pigeons® (100 ml/1 liter of water).

Completely safe for people, animals and plants.


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