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ProBio Cleaner™

ProBio Cleaner™

ProBio Cleaner™ is a natural concentrate used for washing and cleaning
Certificate: PZH/HT-3351/2017

Price: 57 zł / 0,95 L

ProBio Cleaner™ is a natural product that contains beneficial microflora and the highest quality organic aromas.
In places where it is applied it gives a sense of comfort and freshness. ProBio Cleaner™ biodegrades easily.                     


  • ProBio Cleaner™ removes dirt,
  • ProBio Cleaner™ reduces unpleasant organic odors,
  • ProBio Cleaner™ biodisinfects and biologizes the areas where it is applied,
  • ProBio Cleaner™ displaces pathogenic microflora and inhibits or prevents its development (e.g. molds),
  • ProBio Cleaner™ leaves a pleasant scent of natural essential oils.

Dedicated places of application:
Hotels, recreation centers, sports halls, recreational and public transport facilities – stations and waiting rooms, schools, concert halls and discos, hallways, lobbies, warehouses and exhibition halls, residential buildings, houses and public buildings.

INGREDIENTS: Purified and structured, unchlorinated water, SCD ProBio Original® Mother Cultures of live microbial cultures, dried herbal blend, lavender oil, natural oils of lemongrass and eucalyptus, fruit juice concentrates, fructose, fermented extract of spelt bran.


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