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ProBioAnimalia CANIS - Hygienizer

ProBioAnimalia CANIS - Hygienizer

Hygienizer is a spray containing a natural mixture for external use. Designed to maintain hygiene of dogs themselves, as well as to keep dogs' pens and beds clean and fresh.

Price: 33 zł
CANIS - Hygienizer for Dogs makes it possible to maintain cleanliness without using chemical products as well as to eliminate microbes causing diarrhea and skin diseases. It is also a must-have product when there is need to get rid of foul smells.

Effects of use:
Skin and coat:
  • maintaining microbial balance, 
  • supporting treatment of bacterial and fungal diseases of the skin, 
  • displacing pathogenic microflora and inhibiting its development, 
  • preventing and helping treat alergies, 
  • alleviating itching (alergies, "hot spot," insect bites), 
  • removing stains.
Hygienization of the surroundings: 
  • maintaining microbial balance,
  • refreshing air, 
  • minimizing unpleasant organic odors,
  • removing dirt and stains. 
Use in the daily care of the dog and hygienization of the dog's surroundings by spraying the coat of the animal, as well as places where the dog stays.
Recommended to spray pens, use in the care of puppies and lactating dogs (hygienizing the nipples, paws after a walk, spraying puppies' skin).
Recommended for use in cleaning and hygienizing places where there are dog droppings.
For spraying places in the garden where dogs urinate causing unpleasant odors.

Do not dilute. After each use, leave the pump in the OFF position.

Ingredients include:
Strains of probiotic microorganisms (Bifidobacterium animalis, B. bifidumB. longum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, L.bulgaricus, L.casei, L.fermentum, L.plantarum, L.lactis), herbal blend (Ginkgo biloba leaf, mint, chamomile flower, green tea leaf, yarrow leaf, marigold), natural oils supporting the improvement of the condition of the dog's skin and its hair care (cedar, turpentine, lemon balm).


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