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SCD Xtra Life® (spray)

SCD Xtra Life® (spray)

Prebiotic extract supporting the activity of beneficial microorganisms
Mouth - Throat - Larynx
Certificate: GIS-BŻ-Ż-4230-1519-4/MM/09

Price: 49 zł

SCD Xtra Life® was created as a result of carrying out selective fermentation of organic rice bran, organic brown rice, papaya and organic kelp using SCD Probiotics Technology, and then filtering the liquid at 50 to 0.3 microns. Selectively fermented ingredients improve the activity of beneficial microorganisms occurring in the oral cavity.

It is recommended to use SCD Xtra Life® in case of burning, dryness and pain in the oral cavity.

SCD Xtra Life®
restores the correct microflora on the mucous membrane 
of the throat, larynx and upper respiratory tract.

Used in the fermentation process: unchlorinated water, probiotic extract (rice bran, natural brown rice, papaya extract, natural kelp).


SCD Probiotics, USA


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